The Second Gate of Amsterdam

HollandWorld/Park 21 Interview with Kajsa Ollongren, Ex-Deputy Mayor and Alderman to the City of Amsterdam and currently vice-premier of the Netherlands         

HollandWorld™ is not a 100 % alternative for a visit to historic down-town Amsterdam.

All international tourists come to Amsterdam with the intention to experience The Original!

HollandWorld™ will be positioned as an alternative visit on Day 2. Instead of spending a second day at overcrowded down town locations with long waiting lines and low quality experiences…visit HollandWorld™, A Taste of the Netherlands!

The key to success will be the “one stop/one shop” principle, in combination with state of the art attraction technology.

This is how HollandWorld™, as a second gate, will reduce the dwell time of a significant number of tourists in down-town Amsterdam.

HollandWorld™ could function as a pilot project for other classic European cities that require extra capacity for Destination Icon Experiences with Second Gates, such as VeniceWorld, FlorenceWorld, BarcelonaWorld, etc.

The creative concept of HollandWorld™ is produced by IDS .

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