HollandWorld™ is a non-gated park and the facilities will be operated by a large number of independent  operators of hotels, retail, attractions, restaurants, parking, etc.

The defragmented operations will require operational standards and unified sales & marketing in national and international markets.

Each operator has to contibute a percentage of the total revenue per year to the central  Holland World Management Office ™ for the following services:

– Marketing & promotion,  website, group sales & central reservations,  visitors research, etc.

-Front of the House services, such as HollandWorldExpressShuttle, guest services & information, lockers & luggage storage, rentals, lost & found, complaints handling, park signing and first aid.

-Organization of public events, street entertainment and background music.

The organisation of the Back of the House  will require the creation of a number of integrated business units that will provide various facilities:

-Temporary employment services and human resources .

-Security & valuables transport.

-Technical emergency support.

-Green department, cleaning of roads & public areas.

-Cleaning of buildings and public toilets.

-Central warehouse