To combine shopping with visiting attractions is a well-known and  successful principle, as was demonstrated by the Mall of Americas (USA) and the Mall of Emirates (UAR). However, fully integrating the creative story line of an attraction with a brand store is a rather new phenomenon.

The guests must consider the attraction and the shop as one undivided experience.   In order to connect the attraction and the shop, a story line will be created which enables the guests to interact, to acquire bonus points for discounts, to be informed about special offers, etc.

For this purpose, the HollandWorldPass™ was developed. This app can be downloaded by guests on their mobile devices at home or when entering the park and can be used for the following functions:

  1. To view a short introduction to HollandWorld™ in their own language and get a quick introduction of the park layout, major show times, etc.
  2. To buy and download combined tickets for all attractions online.
  3. To reserve attraction premium access by virtual  queuing and receive discounts for F&B consumption during waiting time.
  4. To receive the latest updates of all promotional offers of shops, restaurants and attractions on the site of HollandWorld™.
  5. To interact with the storyline during the ride of the Dutch Destination Icon Experiences Attractions and earn bonus points for discounts for retail products and F&B services.
  6. To pay for all purchases in shops and restaurants by swiping the mobile device.
  7. To view and purchase all ride photography.
  8. To download discounts for a number of attractions that are outside HollandWorld™ and are part of the program Holland City “A Taste of the Netherlands”, such as Madurodam, Kinderdijk etc.
  9. To use the HollandWorldShoppingValetService™, which will safely store the guests’ purchases on site during their visit or deliver them at their hotel/home.
  10. To simplify the return of VAT of tax-free purchases at HollandWorld™ with one push button.
  11. To rate the visit at HollandWorld™ at TripAdvisor following an automatically generated request.
  12. To view real time departure times of flights and of the Holland World Shuttle to Schiphol Airport as a special service for transfer passengers.
  13. To view all time tables of public transport to or from HollandWorld™ and especially to or from down-town Amsterdam.
  14. To pay for all public transport in the greater area of Amsterdam to and from HollandWorld™.
  15. To reserve and to pay for car parking at HollandWorld™ and the Holland City Tourist Hub.

The tool HollandWorldPass™ provides a 360-degree view of the customer through the wealth of data captured in HollandWorld™ point-of-sale software.

The CRM database enables operators, shop owners and restaurant owners to conduct segmentation analysis, trigger real-time personalized communications to deepen relationships with their guests and use the feedback to improve guest experiences.

The corporate partners of Holland Business Promotion can use the data to improve their corporate communications with their various target groups.