Attraction Technology and Destination Icon Experiences

While the city of Amsterdam is struggling to accommodate 18 million tourists in ” a down town tourist dwell area” of circa 25 km2 , a theme park can handle an additional number of 4-10 million visitors per year at        only 1 km2 due to a compact design and new generation of attractions.

New technologies are transforming theme park attractions and the guest experiences. Interactivity, real-time media and virtual & augmented reality will take guests to places they have never been before. At HollandWorld™ the guests are able to experience these last generation of attractions and it will be one of the first mixed reality theme parks — a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality.

The century old history of the classic European destinations  does offer a great library of story lines, with superb  content for all kind of exciting experiences ! At HollandWorld™ the creative concept is based on narrative-driven storytelling of the “ Dutch Destination Icon Experiences” . Combined with  compelling IP and effective personalization , all elements including 4D projection, surround sound and special effects, will deliver exciting new levels of guests engagement and immersion.

With the help of these new  technologies, HollandWorld™ will boast a handful of unprecedented attractions in each of the five themed Destination Icon Experience Area`s which are fully integrated with retail, f&b and hotel accommodation.

HollandWorld™ will combine education, entertainment and hospitality into one Destination  Experience that’s always evolving.