Economic Spin-off

HollandWorld™ will strengthen the  local, regional and national Dutch economy :

HollandWorld™ will offer the local and regional population recreational & leisure facilities at world-class level and will provide a platform for displaying regional & Dutch Design products.

In connection with the adjacent Holland Valley, HollandWorld™ will strengthen educational opportunities with a Holland World Academy for an international master class in hospitality training and 500 student rooms.

The project will create jobs for 4000 persons , improve the foreign investment climate and create a yearly local-regional economical spin-off of  € 690 million.

HollandWorld ™ will function as a second gate of downtown Amsterdam and will help to absorb a part of the overflow of tourism from the Amsterdam region .

It will help to safeguard the unique cultural & social values of the 16th century downtown area of Amsterdam from destructive  effects of overcrowding by tourists.

It will improve the living conditions of the local inhabitants by reducing the negative effects of increasing housing costs due to new hotel developments and Airbnb  by offering an additional 4000 hotel rooms next to Schiphol.


The global air passenger market will grow from 3.5 billion in 2015  to 7 billion in 2034 (Source IATA).

Major competitors of Schiphol, such as Dubai and  Abu Dhabi, are vigorously investing to welcome O.D.  and transfer passengers with a combined value of $83.8bn on leisure & hospitality infrastructure projects.

HollandWorld™ will support Schiphol Airport as “the economic engine” of the Netherlands against this  growing competition. It will strengthen the hub transfer function of Schiphol  and improve the quality of the tourism experience of foreign O.D. travel to the destination Amsterdam.

HollandWorld™ will promote the Netherlands’ top economic sectors and Dutch culture & history to international visitors. It will increase the international tourists’ average length of stay and spending, and it will improve the international image of the Netherlands.